What is Cursillo?

To explain Cursillo to someone who has never experienced Cursillo is at best, difficult. Often, for those who have experienced Cursillo it is still somewhat mystifying.  The reason behind the mystery is God. No one can fully explain how God touches each person in His special/unique way throughout the various elements of the Cursillo Movement.

The Cursillo Movement is a movement of the Catholic Church. The name Cursillo is Spanish, meaning short course, and is often associated with a 3-Day weekend - which is only one aspect of the Cursillo Movement. The proper name is Cursillo de Cristiandad (short course of Christianity). There is much more to the Cursillo Movement than just a 3-Day weekend.

Our Mission

The Diocese of Nashville Cursillo Movement is intended to help all Catholics develop a thorough understanding of what it means to fully live a Christian life in all their everyday situations. It provides a method to transform all aspects of society through prayer and the development of small Christian communities.

If you are interested in learning more about Cursillo, please email us at info@nashvillecursillo.org.

Join us for the upcoming weekends to experience fellowship & leadership

FALL 2013
(Otono de 2013)

September 18-21
>> Men’s English Cursillo

September 25-28

>>Women’s English Cursillo

Octubre 2-5

>>Cursillo Hispano para Hombres

Octubre 9-12
>>Cursillo Hispano para mujeres

Winter/Spring '14

(Invierno/Primavera '14)

February 5-8

>>Men’s English Cursillo

February 12-15

>>Women’s English Cursillo

Febrero 26 - March 1

>>Cursillo Hispano para Hombres

Marcha 5 –8
>>Cursillo Hispano para mujeres

Location - Camp Marymount

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Note: The weekends are held at Camp Marymount in Fairview.

** Los Fines de semana se celebran en el campamento de Marymount en Fairview.

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